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I used to think that perhaps I would never go there. It doesn’t mean that I’m not interested or that I dislike it. I just felt that it had nothing to do with me.
If I stretch my arms out a bit further, perhaps I could reach the sky. No wonder the air is so thin.Today I am here in Mexico. At the place where I thought I would have nothing to do with. I am looking at the sky.

Accidentally again, I have come further forward. It’s quite far this time and close to the sky.
I stand on the earth and my whole body listens to the wind. I hear the battle cry of a lead - grey group of ice crystals, which is growing and will soon cover the sky. It is as if it is calling me from afar.
What a vast world it is.
Floating time is a fact of nature. Every living creature in heaven and earth is in slow motion.

Everything is here now but I am unable to seize it.Perhaps it is something that man left behind at the time of his crossing the Bering Sea a long time ago.The thought of an eternal heaven and earth exists within the ethereal bonds of human history.
Are encounters between people a coincidence or a necessity?From the first fallen drop, encounters and farewells begin; they are inside and outside, one single indivisible eternal reason. Are the days promising to echo each other with an event of a long time ago? Or is it an illusion?A new start begins, right now, from here, today.Just one, single encounter, is the first ripple of those caught in a spiral.
The ripples present in my unconsciousness will resonate along with various thoughts and at various times, and they are supposed to reach further tomorrow.
Is it a magical aspect of time? Is it a trick of destiny?
Let’s listen to the tones of the sounds coming from the beat of the heart that exists within unconsciousness.
These tones will surely teach us that there is nothing which is not related to living.