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About My Works 

- Looking at Life Cycles -

Masaaki Ohya was interested in the phenomenon called "the stream of life" from the natural enriching environment and since the death of my grandmother which now has become the theme of my work.The image which became a motif has changed little by little every year,but the theme which became the basis is unchanged.It expresses "the life cycles" which can be seen in the phenomenon that always occurs close to us.For me, creation using copper prints is aimed at exploring and shaping the unknown "stream of life" from the universe, centering on corrosion technique.Changes in substances that can be caused by corrosion are uncertain and resemble natural phenomena.  The production method using such an unstable method is very natural consistent with the senses.To be always free.Searching for something unknown.And doing research spontaneously. For me, The Artis thinks that the copperplate production is a means of self-discovery to find an indication of the unknown "stream of life".

A Priori Towane - Life Force Series-


A Thought on Observing Time

The Days

Itoyu - A Collection of Poems and Prints

Star Rhymes - A Collection of Poems and Prints

The Others

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