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One day, suddenly, I arrive at this place.
I cannot necessarily say that this has nothing to do with my will; I could however say that I have been here before in the course of my development.
In the green landscape that I am seeing for the first time, a brown river continues to flow into the far distance. The scene is being viewed from the bow of a ship and is not changing but just flowing. Yes, just slowly flowing. Beyond the edge of the landscape I see that the blue skies and the beautiful greens extend even further.
Somehow the forever-changeless landscape makes me feel more attracted to a monochrome world.
Raindrops begin to fall onto the smooth surface of the river. The drops ruffle the surface and numerous ripples spread rhythmically. The endless rain creates new images in the monotonous landscape. The dark brown spinning and spreading ripples invite me to recall memories of the past.
We sometimes desire to see something, and when we do see it, it often betrays our expectations. Sometimes we experience the opposite. My feeling at such a moment in time is as though I were beginning a new chapter in my life. When I saw a golden image of Nirvana, its enormous scale took my breath away. The sounds and echoes of bells in a temple awaken something deep in my mind. Is it an illusion or is it reality?
The resonance of the bells reminded me of the ripples. But it was not only that. Was it a memory from some long-ago time? Perhaps, it was different. Did the infinitely reassuring tone, along with the dark-brown colour, transcend the years and revive the engraved memories linked to this world that is part of the one Buddha-world, that vast transcendent place?
I am no longer able to hold onto this vague feeling and I do not know when I will be able to encounter this feeling again.
The labyrinth of colour and the cadenced tone spreads to infinity. Neither is in itself a key, but when experienced together, they form one.
I do not know when I will come across this again. The key is that of resonance.