The Days - Complex Plant -

Etching / 20 x 15 cm / 2015 / Ed. 20

The Days 

The Days series is a humorous and powerful form that shows us the duration of the short life a plant lives, and it is a superimposition of images of life-like life activities. When you observe the shape of a changing plant everyday, there are times when you will repeatedly engage people's activities within that shape. It is sometimes a young, sweet and decaying shape. It feels like that because all lives resonate and live. I believe that forms common to life can be questioned by human psychology and evoke various emotions. The title "Days" refers to the moving time. Correspondingly due to the realization of the image by the copperplate, it becomes a fossil-like expression. For a moment, I saw a certain everyday life and, I believe that it becomes a universal form by becoming a copperplate print and it will be a permanent question for life.