Masaaki Ohya Exhibition Prints 2019 - 2023

The exhibition include previously unpublished works from The Days View-Life Force Series and Correspondances Series created between 2019-2013.

Dates: 26 February - 9 March 2024
Venue: Gallery SEIBUNDO
Place : Gallery SEIBUNDO (Japanese only)


All Questions about Intaglio Answered Scientifically! [Japanese Pilot Version]

This book is co-authored by Nanao Minato, artist and professor at the University of Fukui, Dr. Fumihiro Nishimura, natural scientist and assistant professor at the University of Fukui, and Masaaki Ohya, artist and associate professor at Tama Art University. The book is unique in that it attempts to present the scientific basis for the characteristics of the materials used in copperplate engraving as well as the specific hazards to the body and the environment in an accurate and simple manner in a Q&A format. By increasing the chemical literacy of etchmakers, they will be able to work safely and reproducibly. By laying the foundation for growth in technical research on an individual level, we hope to improve the quality of the art of copperplate engraving in the medium and long term.
Publication Date : March 31, 2023
Authors : Nanao Minato / Masaaki Ohya / Fumihiro Nishimura
Edited by : Kai Henmi
DTP : fu Productions Co.
Published by : Painting Laboratory, Faculty of Education, University of Fukui
This research was supported by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 19K00247.
You can download and print freely.
Please use a personal computer.


MASAAKI OHYA Essays & Prints

MASAAKI OHYA- a Limited Edition of 50 signed and numbered books. A compilation of the artist's reflections on Nature, Life, and Creation, withfull page images of his Etchings and Prints  with a Forward by Basil Alkazzi. Printed & Bound by Scanplus Print Group, London, UK in 2019.